An Interdisciplinary Project On Fact-Checking

TIMELINE - 2021 C.E. [Chandigarh, India]

January: I reset myself to the factory defaults, in order to keep making the maximum progress.

February: Previous efforts to get noticed didn't work, even as I waited for a long time to be discovered.

March: Of course, this effort is not for applause alone; it's also for the purpose of lending meaning to my time on Earth.

April: It takes more than blood, sweat, and tears to reach this stage in one's life; and, the stakes have never been higher.

May: Nothing less than an all-encompassing sum of the math and jazz of the Universe will do; I have to make this happen.

June: I trust myself to be a credible candidate for the verification of information published in Print Media or on The Internet.

July: The necessary skill-set of knowing the truth has been acquired, after experiencing multiple breaks with reality & bouncing back.